Daryl’s Story

Daryl completed the last of the skills he needed to participate in search and rescue operations. His final exam took 30 hours, the first of its kind in 31 years, a triple-header.

The team was stowing gear after a long day of training when the first call came: A woman missing in nearby Stanilaus Forest, an area called the Intermediary. The second came at 10 PM that same night, a call from Alpine County asking for assistance locating a missing hunter in Bear Trap Basin. Our team meets the state’s criteria for mutual aid, so we are on-call to assist anywhere we might be needed in California.

Two teams of four searched through the night in unfamiliar terrain looking for the missing hunter. Daryl held his own with some very experienced team members. A full day of training followed by two searches, the triple-header. This final exam would take 30 hours and require Daryl to navigate tough terrain throughout the day and night without the benefit of sleep.

Daryl says about his experience, “I joined CCSAR for one simple reason – team values. CCSAR values preparation, training and teamwork. When called to a Search or Rescue operation, every team member needs to be prepared to serve a variety of roles. This team puts people in need first.”

Donna’s Story

The following morning after locating the missing hunter, searchers returned to a small cabin in Bear Trap Basin that was used for a command center. Donna worked most of the night preparing food and hot drinks for searchers, then drove the long 4WD road to that cabin to meet us. I was hoping she’d be there.

“My husband and I joined Search and Rescue after Steve Walter, a founding member, said they received jail food after being out in the field searching for many hours. I knew we could do better than that!” And they do.

As we ate breakfast burritos and drank hot coffee courtesy of Donna, an Alpine County SAR member smiled and said, “It doesn’t get any better than this.” A pristine morning sky, a dramatic landscape, a satisfying outcome and amazing food. He was right, it doesn’t get much better.

Whether you aspire to complete a triple-header like Daryl, or provide the best in support like Donna, we’ve got a job and a challenge for you. Come join us.


Our SAR team meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 7 PM (19:00 hours) in Arnold. We spend the first hour training and the second covering business. This is the best time to meet with team members, do a little hands on training, and get exposure to our current issues.

Join us for one of these meetings. Our cache is located at 1191 Linebaugh Road in Arnold. (Google Maps: http://goo.gl/maps/9UOOo ) Take a left at the gate and park where space is available. We meet in the building on the east-side of the county yard (left-side as you enter the parking area).

Email Ted Fahlen at ted@calaverassar.org . Ted manages all of our membership issues.

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