Our Donors


Calaveras County Search & Rescue acknowledges all the businesses, agencies and individuals that contributed during 2016.  Thank you so much for your generous gifts!  


 ‘RED’ EMERALD  $10,000+

Janice Brethauer Memorial Fund
Sequoia Woods Men’s Club,
Charity Classic Fund-raiser  

DIAMOND  $5,000+

Daryl Tom
Jay Brethauer, IMO Janice

PLATINUM $1000 – $4999

Sierra Search and Rescue Foundation
Big Trees Market, Scott & Lisa Self
Craig and Susan Taylor
Duane & Laurie Phillips
James & Deana M Murchison
United Way of Tuolumne & Calaveras Counties
Susan Taylor

 GOLD $500 – $999

Pacific Legacy
Arnold Auto Supply
Linda & Scott Devereaux

 SILVER $250 – $499

Glynn & Susan Morris, IMO Janice
Hstar Technology Group
Patrica Mattes
Alan Beymer
The Jacobus Family, IMO Janice
Lori Ann Olson 
Philip Cleary, IMO Janice
Skyline Bear Valley Resorts

 BRONZE $100 – $249

Alan & Claudia Beymer, IMO Janice
Curtis Jennings
Daniel & Carolyn Cooper, IMO Janice
David Whiting
Don Peterson
Jared & Catherine Potter, IMO Janice
Pat & Elizabeth Meehan, IMO Janice
Tom & Joan Riley, IMO Janice
Avery Food Group
David Boggs
Al & Emily Schaede
Albert & Jeanne Chi, IMO Janice
American Legion Auxiliary
Amo Stock & Mary Sue Budrow
Anne Trask
Bradley & Jeannene White
Calvin Fouche & Cheryl Buskirk
Cherie Chalmers
Chuck & Donna Hillis, IMO Janice
Cindi Camozzi
Claudia & John Holzemer
Claudia Beymer
Collette Lantzy
Craig Seidel, IMO Janice
Dan & Sheila Owen, IMO Janice
Darrel & Mary Lynn Russell
David & Elizabeth Ritchie
David N. Arnold  DDS
Deborah Jean Owen
Debra DiBiase
Dennis & Christa Meyers, IMO Janice
Dennis Pinion & Barbara Radd
Don Dornell, IMO Janice
E. & T. Hanrahan, IMO Janice
Earl Kavert
Ebbett’s Pass Property Owners Council
Edgarda Pohle
Edmond & Dorothy Johnson
Finns Tree Service
Fox Security  & Communications
Glynn & Sue Morris
Gold Electric Inc.
Hans Weiderhofer
Hayden Griggs
Jack & Maureen Lamour
Jacqueline & Larry Beck, IMO Janice
James Walton
Jeremiah D. Fillo
Joan Lark
Joaquin & Mardee Silva
John & Michele Rugo
John M. Green
Kelley & John Buestad
Lynn Manfree, IMO Janice
Marc Barenfeld
Margaret Walter, IMO Janice
Mary Ann & Joseph Frankina
Michael A. Zarconi
Mokelumne Hill Volunteer Firefighters
Mr. & Mrs.  R W Bergensen
Michael Zarcone
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas
Nicholas Damico
Paul & Gail Fraser
Paul & Marilyn Nord, IMO Janice
Peter & Christine Oliver
R & P Cripe
Robert & Chyrl Hillis
Robert Sutton
Ryan Ritchie
Sally J. Sylva
Sean & Angela McKinnon
Sharon Anderson, IMO Janice
Steven & Kathleen Leiga
Susan Hibbs
Virginia Howard
Weidhofer Systems
Wernau P. Maltba
William & Elizabeth Broll
  Honor Roll, IMO Janice
Anthony & Jacqueline Gutierrez
Carolyn & William Nelson
Chauna Rockson
Debra Sutherland
John  & Beverley Vasquez
Mary Anne Carlton
Gary & Sharon Sylvester
Randall & Sandra Brown


The names of all our donors are not listed due to limited space, but we thank you all!  We are honored to be part of your giving program.

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